3D Production Pipeline – Part Four

For my fourth and final part of my 3D Pipeline series, I have decided to inform the world of what and who has inspired me to continue my studies in animation.

Since the release of the immersive and beautifully designed world of Mass Effect (2007), it has continued to leave it’s audience in awe, keeping them captivated and entranced as they continue to explore the galaxy. Even after completing the game countless amount of times during the eight years since it’s debut. The amount of choices in designing my very own Commander Shepard is overwhelming and I’m more often than not spending most of the time creating my desired look, rather than making most of the choices that are provided throughout the game. The third installation, Mass Effect 3, continued to captivate me, especially with the improved and updated animation that was lead by Scott Mitchell. He has really impacted the 3D animation of the modern gaming world.

By all rights, role-playing games such as ME have been around for far longer than the originals release in 2007. However, the depth in the story as well as the concepts and design of the world has lead it to be one of the most outstanding series’ in modern gaming. The characters alone are enough to keep drawing me back for more.

One of the main animators of Mass Effect 3 was Scott Mitchell is one of the reasons why I wish to pursue a career in Animation. I have tried exploring his techniques for drawing and creating characters, so I can further advance my own skill. He’s also responsible for working on 2014’s Far Cry 4, also for the expansions that followed Mass Effect 3, such as From Ashes and The Citadel Expansion just to name a few.

Embedded below is one of my favourite cutscenes from Mass Effect 3, which further provides proof of the immersive and characters that are in the story.


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