CIU111 Week 3: Your Income and Your Art

We creative media folk have an entire array of choices when it comes to how we source our income. These can range anywhere between freelancing, consumer sales, crowdfunding which aren’t exactly stable options when it comes to payment and working opportunities (I’ll get to that later), or if you’re lucky enough, you can land yourself a full time position at a pre-existing company. but when it comes down to it, you’ll most likely find yourselves doing more than one of these in your career.

Currently I’m working two jobs, and although this is required in order to financially support myself whilst I study, it also has proven to be difficult to manage with the ongoing pile of assessment that seems to be creeping into sight. I find myself becoming more and more exhausted as the weeks roll by, and I’ve still yet to find time to just have a day off to make a dent in my course. I originally was planning on starting a career in games (as that’s where I find a lot of my inspiration is drawn from, and though I’m doing an animation course instead, I still want to branch out into games in the future. Having said this however, it’s still going to prove difficult to jump into a stable job without any proper experience outside of university. I would like to explore my options before settling into a full time job. Working on my own projects so I can later add to my portfolio would most likely be the best bet of ensuring I keep landing work. It will allow me to demonstrate the skills and my design process that I’ve spent so much time trying to improve, and if this proves fruitful I can venture out into freelancing.

Freelancing, though it can be impractical in the sense that it provides inconsistent available work. It can however, allow you to work on a variety of unique projects that you would otherwise miss out on if you were to have a full time employment status. With these unique projects come new experiences and learning curbs.

Talking to my fellow students on campus, I’ve discovered that a lot of us aspire to working in pre-existing companies rather than starting up their own. Including myself. I dream of one day being a member of studios like CD Projekt RED, who are notoriously know for The Witcher series (which if you haven’t played yet, I highly recommend). Created in honor of Andrzej Sapkowski’s book series of the same name, CD Projekt RED have managed to successful capture the beautifully treacherous, and mortally consuming world that’s the unnamed continent. This sort of inspiring gaming is something I want to do. I want to inspire others. Unfortunately for me, in order to work at a successful studio such as that, I will most likely have to move overseas, since there isn’t a lot of variety when it comes to such places here in Australia.

Although the likelihood of getting full time employment with a steady income once I graduate is not in my favor. I will however, continue to work on my own independent projects to keep my portfolio fresh and up to date. Once I’ve managed to build a stronger reputation, perhaps spread out into freelancing and work on variously unique projects until hopefully landing a full time job at a successful studio.


Dena, C. (2015). Week 3: Your Income & Your Art. Medium. Retrieved 20 March 2015, from


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