MDU115: ‘Pirates Gold’ Animation

So eight and a half hours of waiting for this project to render was… Invigorating, shall we say. I decided to follow a different path with the flow of the animation, as I wanted to mix it up a little to what is usually done with the project. I focused on just having one crab in my video, and along with the treasure chest, made him my focal character in the story.

Like I said in the first blog post, I’m vastly unfamiliar with 3DS Max and all that comes with it. Trying to figure out how to work the cameras was extremely time consuming, but it was fun in a way. Learning how to set up lights was a bit of a challenged as I had some weird shadowing effects going on for a while, I however I did manage to overcome that slight hiccup.

I went with ‘Guiles Theme’ for the backing track for this as well, seeing as it seems to go with everything (or so I’ve been told).


MDU115: Making of ‘Pirates Gold’ Treasure Chest


Hey Guys, just wanted to drop in and show everyone what I’ve been working on as part of one of my assessments for Uni. I didn’t fully understand how long this would actually take to texture the entire chest. Having said that however, I thoroughly enjoyed working on the fine details like the wood scratches, as well as the divots in metal work.


The UV unwrapping of this project as well was an interesting experience, seeing as I’ve never really used 3DS Max all that much. Learning how to map images onto the chest, unwrapping it and all was thoroughly enjoyable and probably my favourite part about doing this assignments.